John’s Talks John is available as a Speaker at local groups for morning, afternoon or evening meetings to provide an interesting and entertaining talk on the following topics:

1. The Lord Mayor of the City of London

In this talk John describes the history and pageantry associated with the position of the Lord Mayor and the importance of the role in promoting today’s modern City.

Lord Mayor's Show

Lord Mayor’s Coach

2. How Charing got its Cross

This talk describes a love story from 13th Century England and how the King built a series of memorials to his late wife, some of which survive today.Included are fascinating details from life in the medieval period.

Eleanor Cross at Geddington,

Cross at Geddington

3. Paintings in the Guildhall Art Gallery

John will guide you through a tour of some of the paintings on display at the Art Gallery, illustrated by colourful photographs of the pictures. In addition, John will describe the exciting discovery of the Roman Amphitheatre during the building of the Art Gallery. John also organises tours of the gallery. Click here for details.

Too Early by James Tissot

‘Too Early’ by James Tissot

4. The Life and Times of Samuel Pepys

John will describe the life of the famous diarist Samuel Pepys and some of the important events in London between 1660 and 1669.

Samuel Pepys
 5. Spitalfields Through the Ages

This talk will take you on a fascinating journey through the ever-changing culture of the area, from Roman times to the present day, with emphasis on the Huguenots who were French Protestants who fled persecution in France and many joined the Silk Weaving industry in Spitalfields.

Huguenots Of Spitalfields

Anne Fanshaw’s dress, made from Spitalfields Silk in 1752

 6. The Mistresses of King Charles II 

King Charles had many mistresses who were often vying for the attention of the King and the privileges the position gave them. It’s said that Charles spent too little time on affairs of State and too much time on affairs. Nell Gwynn is probably the most well-known of the mistresses.

John will describe the influence of their descendants on the aristocracy of today.


Nell Gwynn, charles ii mistresses

Nell Gwynn

7 . Hops, Inns & Pilgrims on the South Side of London Bridge


This is an interesting talk which explains some of the history of the area around the bridge-head.

The pilgrims in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales started their journey from one of Southwark’s Inns and the local Coaching Inns were very important for people travelling to and from the south of England. John will also describe the brewing industry in Southwark, the notorious prisons and much, much more!

Southwark Hop Carts

 8.  21st Century revelations on the life of King Richard III

The exciting discovery in 2012 of the body of King Richard III in Leicester was widely reported in the press at the time. John will describe how 21st Century technology has given us new insight into the life of the king, which contradicts some of the stories from Tudor times, particularly Shakespeare’s plays.



King Richard III

King Richard III

 9.  The Life & Times of King Edward VII

King Edward, known as Bertie to his family, was aged 59 when his mother, Queen Victoria, died. His mother’s controlling influence, combined with the severe discipline of his father, Prince Albert, dominated his life.

John will describe Bertie’s life and his 10 year reign until his own death in 1910.



King Edward VII

King Edward VII


Each talk is accompanied by a colourful presentation and is 45 minutes long plus time for questions. Reasonable fee. If you are interested in booking John to give a talk, please contact him on 020 8462 1947 or email